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Lateral dislocation of the elbow with concomitant lateral epicondyle fracture: A case report and review of the literature.

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What I've learned.

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In Which Arm Position Is a Hill-Sachs Lesion Created?

Kawakami J, Yamamoto N, Hatta T, Shinagawa K, Itoi

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In Which Arm Position Is a Hill-Sachs Lesion Created? Response.

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Moving from prefabricated temporary housing to public reconstruction housing and social isolation after the Great East Japan Earthquake: a longitudinal study using propensity score matching.

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Prognostic Factors for Conservative Treatments of Atraumatic Rotator Cuff Tears.

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Association between continued residence in temporary prefabricated housing and musculoskeletal pain in survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake: a longitudinal study.

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B-RAF(V600E) Inhibitor Dabrafenib Attenuates RIPK3-Mediated Necroptosis and Promotes Functional Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury.

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Surgical Approach to Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis and Synovial Osteochondromatosis in Pathological Expansion of the Popliteus Bursa.

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High prevalence of toothache among Great East Japan Earthquake survivors living in temporary housing.

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Parents' Own Experience of Verbal Abuse Is Associated with their Acceptance of Abuse towards Children from Youth Sports Coaches.

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Involvement of inflammasome activation via elevation of uric acid level in nociception in a mouse model of muscle pain.

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疾患解説: 頚椎症性脊髄症・神経根症.


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疾患解説: 頚椎・胸椎後縦靭帯骨化症.


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疾患解説: 脊椎椎体骨折.


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教育講座: 腱板断裂の治療とリハビリテーション.


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Propionibacterium avidumに感染した人工股関節全置換術の1例.Propionibacterium avidumに感染した人工股関節全置換術の1例.

大泉 樹、千葉大介、桑原功行、馬場一慈、鎌田久美、井樋栄二.大泉 樹、千葉大介、桑原功行、馬場一慈、鎌田久美、井樋栄二.

Hip Joint 2019; 45(2): 788-790.Hip Joint 2019; 45(2): 788-790.


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先天性股関節脱臼(発育性股関節形成不全). 特集「境界領域の診療」整形外科的疾患.


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脳性麻痺の整形外科治療. 特集: 脳性麻痺のリハビリテーション―障害のある子どもとその家族を支える―.


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冠名診察法: 仙腸関節編.


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【スポーツ診療における画像診断―医療安全上必要なコツと落とし穴―】部位ごとのスポーツ外傷・障害 肩関節におけるスポーツ外傷・障害.


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運動器・末梢神経の診察テスト法 頚部神経根症および頚部脊髄症の症状誘発テスト.

鈴木 学、田中靖久.

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手指単顆変形治癒骨折に対する関節内矯正骨切り術 Condylar advancement osteotomyの2例を含む3例報告.

園淵和明、後藤 均、八田卓久.

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園淵和明、後藤 均、八田卓久、長谷川和重.

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Anterolateral supine(ALS) approach THAにおけるlearning curveの検討.

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Anterolateral supine approach THAにおける関節包靱帯と内閉鎖筋共同腱の温存率の検討―麻酔下股関節可動域に着目して―.

田中秀達、山田則一、栗島宏明、坂本 敬、大山正瑞、北  純.

Hip Joint 2019; 45(1): 268-271.



Hip Joint 2019; 45(1): 163-165.

TKA術後疼痛に対するセレコキシブとトラマドール/アセトアミノフェン配合錠の効果―先取り鎮痛およびmultimodal pain managementの観点から―.


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Limitation of Hip Internal Rotation Involves with Shoulder and/or Elbow Pain Among Youth Baseball Players.


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急性期ACL損傷膝におけるAnterolateral Ligamentの3D-MRIを用いた画像評価.

藤盛理子、高橋 敦、國井知典、秋 貴史、柏葉光宏、上村雅之、井樋栄二.

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腱板広範囲断裂のバイオメカニクス―機能回復を得るために必要な知識―. 三幡輝久編. 整形外科最小侵襲手術ジャーナル 腱板広範囲断裂に対する肩関節温存手術.


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症候性腱板断裂患者の断裂進行の危険因子―174肩の前向き研究. 整形外科.


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